The Bank Hotel Istanbul, İstanbul’un tarihi izler taşıyan binasıyla, 19. yüzyıl eklektik mimari üslubunun tipik örneklerinden biridir. Otel binası 2010 yılında, Yılmaz Ulusoy Holding tarafından satın alınmış ve 1880’lerden bu yana devam eden hikayesinde yepyeni bir bahara başlamıştır...
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Bankalar Caddesi (Banks Street), where The Bank Hotel Istanbul is located, is not an ordinary street since it emphasizes a great deal of history. Formerly known as Voyvoda Street has always played a central role in Galata’s life. The importance of this axis, which formed as a road along with internal city walls of Galata, can be recognized as Palazzo del Comune Genoese parliament building and Piazza Market Square. 

Genoese community (Magnifica Comunita di Peyra) continued in a semi-private status until 1682. In the mentioned years, European merchants developed and improved since there were various stores and banks in that region, and some local Ottoman administrations took place therein. This Street has maintained its importance as it did in the Ottoman era. Hence it can be understood that the street got its name from the apartments and the residence belonging to Voyvoda, the local administrator responsible for the public order of Galata. 

On the street below Voyvoda, there is Mahkeme Street where Galata Court was located. The name Voyvoda Street was titled by Evliya Çelebi who was a famous explorer at that time in the 17th century and the street became the finance and commerce focal point of the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century.



Sümerbank Building is the only building of the Italian Architect Antoine Tedeschi, who runs an independent architecture office in Pera. This building was constructed in 1867 and is located at Banks Street No.5 – and hosted Crédit Général Ottoman /Deutsche Bank / Sümerbank’.



Meeting of Yılmaz Ulusoy Holding and Hotel Building 

As previously mentioned, The Bank Hotel building was constructed in 1867 by Antoine Tedeschi in the Neo-Renaissance style and still emphasizes the importance of the historical value of the city. It portrays a perfect reflection of the eclectic architectural style of the 19th century. In 2010, their properties were purchased by Mr. Yılmaz Ulusoy and have commenced with a new adventure in its tale continuing since the 1860s. 

Furthermore, the hotel building has emerged as a combination of two buildings; Sümerbank Building and Cemaathan Building, the former community center of the Neve Shalom congregation. The Bank Hotel Istanbul is located on Banks Street, previously known as Voyvoda Street and is the center of goldsmiths and bankers. Yılmaz Ulusoy Holding’s “The Bank Hotel İstanbul” trademark is his first step in restoring the building, which has historical and cultural values, aiming to keep it alive from the past to the present. After the hotel building was purchased by Mr. Yılmaz Ulusoy, restoration works were conducted by Architect Han Tümertekin. 

The building still reflects the identity of the region, where it is located, in the 21st century since the 19th century. The Bank Hotel Istanbul Building, which has been restored with the principle of “renewing it by preserving its original state and protecting its artistic value,” continues to host its guests with its meeting rooms, historical calculators, cash registers and its life experience.



Yılmaz Ulusoy, whose business life for more than half a century has been crowned with the story of a productive, hardworking and high-level businessman, is still the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yılmaz Ulusoy Holding A.Ş., which operates in many sectors, especially tourism, maritime, energy and construction.

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