The Bank Hotel Istanbul, İstanbul’un tarihi izler taşıyan binasıyla, 19. yüzyıl eklektik mimari üslubunun tipik örneklerinden biridir. Otel binası 2010 yılında, Yılmaz Ulusoy Holding tarafından satın alınmış ve 1880’lerden bu yana devam eden hikayesinde yepyeni bir bahara başlamıştır...
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Impossible Return Home

Duration 18 week(s)

A retrospective exhibition covering all the production periods of Etel Adnan, a painter, writer, activist and poet of Lebanese origin for nearly a century, awaits you at the Pera Museum. Born in 1925 in a multicultural, multilingual and multi-religious family and geography, Etel Adnan is an artist who reflects this rich identity in his works. The exhibition, which offers the opportunity to see many works from the artist's works in different fields, from wall ceramics to prints, from oil paintings to tapestries, from patterns to a video work, will allow you to see seasons, landscapes, signs, imaginary planets, and find a deep area of exploration and interpretation with its impressive energy.


Date and Time: 6 April 2021 - 8 August 2021
Event Venue: Pera Museum